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{}Sunday, September 6, 2009 {} 12:42 AM
Hell-00000 :) I'll post today like what i have been posting as usual. my daily activities. hehee. today was preety nice! i spent my weekend with my boy, and newly called bestfriends :D they are caryn, fenny, cindy, madeline and also krix :) went to sun first to meet had & sapu, then headed to excelso at deli plaza and then tabobah :D meet my boy's friends who came back from seattle. then i asked him to drop me at sun to have a walk with my friends. i waited them for about 30mins. spend that 30mins by reading comics at gramedia --" cause i got no where to go.
then suddenly caryn called me, "gela lu lagi dimana?kt baru mau jalan yaa" i was like GRRR but then i just realized they are already in front of me. naughty them huh? revenge to them someday. teeheee. then we went to severals handphone store to bought a silicon case for his mom :D caryn bought one too. she bought yellow one and it's so shinyyyy. hahaa
then we headed to sushi tei :D and then madeline comes after several minutes :) they have a stuffs of crazy things to talk and i looovvvveeee everything that they talk about :p i guess that's it for today. It was a big rain just now right? hope this won't happen again tmrw. its 12:00am and i'm going to bed now. ciao ;)


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{}Friday, August 21, 2009 {} 12:09 PM
It's 11 p.m and i've just woke up. heheheeeee. why? i can't sleep last night because of the big rain+lightning -__________- hmm... i hate rainnnnn! :( it bothers my time, my sleep and everyhing i did..

So, yesterday i went to deli plaza to have a lunch at excelso! since it's a long time i've never been there anymore. he took his cousin with him. funny yet talkative. heheee :D but yesterday was fun fun funnnnn

anyway i've watched two movies in a week. hahaha.. don't know why i got no other destination if i stopped at sun. cinema is the place to stop if there's a new movie :p
i watched doomsday and max payne! :) i loves both because i think both of them areeeeeeeeeee nice
there's a so funny story happened when i watched max payne movie :D
there's a uncle who sat beside me, he's alone. but then i heard someone was snoring.. and that's him! snoring in the half of the movie. i saw all person sat beside him is laughing.. hehehe. i can't deny if i laughed too :P

hmm.. have you guys got any idea what should we do on our holidaysss? study? it's so not me =D

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{}Friday, August 14, 2009 {} 7:34 PM
Errrr.. I just realized that my blog's title doesn't appears in my blog. hahaha. don't care though. the most important thing is about the subject matter right?

Today, i went to sun with caryn & fenny to buy sth for someone :D it's secret.....
hahaha. i'm scared if that someone will read this any my plan will be ruined :p
have a lunch at KFC and i've just realized that there are a new menu there.. fried chicken with black pepper flavour.. hahaha :p i don't know about that because it has been a long time since the last time i consume kfc :p
me, caryn and fenny went to gaudi to bought a dress with a sodexo's voucher.. but the manager makes us feel dissapointed -.- she said that the voucher can't be used because it's folded already.. such a cool reason huh? hm.. what the..... :s

anyway, i planned to make a online shop with my friend :) it's now still on progress.. hehehe..

for someone. happy 6 months anniversary. love you so much ♥♥

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{}Wednesday, August 12, 2009 {} 5:22 PM
Yohooooo :) just came back school. just doing some sporttt. Geeeeeeeeez, i thought my class will have PE exams today but i'm wrong. phew.......
This week is exams week and i'm getting crazeeeyyyyy :s

Today we(me&my classmates) were having english exam. It's about IELTS and there are 100 questions.. I just done around 50 questions in 1 hour i think? HA HA HA. luckily my teacher give us some visualization so we could copyy from other people's answer. hehehee
I copied alvin's because i think he can do it :DDDD

and tonight, i will face another english exams too.. i mean, i will have reading & speaking test today.
wish me luck okayeeeeeeeeeee

anyway, my class are planning to go the beach on 20th but i'm not sure i will join them..
I'm confused because i don't like beach too much.. :(

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{}Monday, August 10, 2009 {} 12:05 AM
:) hello for everyone who's still awakeeeee. hehehe. it's 11 pm and it's time for teenagers to sleep. but not for me. i'm always...... insomniaa. grrrrr

My day was wonderful :D have a sudden date with him today. hehehe
first i planned to go to took a pasfoto for something with my family, but then dad need to go to somewhere for a bussiness. then my mum asked me & my sis to accompany her to go to buy a vacum cleaner (-.-") so i said YES because it's sunday and i dont want to stay at home >.<
but then my bf texted me and asked me if i could accompany him to upgrade her laptop, and of course i said okayeeeeeeee :D since my mom and sis haven't take a bath and i'm lazy to wait. hehehe

at the afternoon, we hit fountain to have a lunch. i ordered prawn burger :))) yummyyyyyy

then after lunch we headed to sun to meet the koko, who helped him to do several things for his laptop.. waited around 30 minutes to finished it. then i decided to buy games for my pc. they recommended a game called "imagine fashion designer". i think it's a kind of old game but the seller said it's worth to play. to be honestly i don't really interested with this game, but after i play it i found it was soooooooo nice :D

at at the evening i went to my grandma's house. watched back the movie enchanted and i loveee Giselle. never feel bored to watch that movie

It's late, i'm going to bed now. goodnight :D

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{}Sunday, August 9, 2009 {} 10:45 AM
Well, hello! :) today is the second day after my birthday. my 16th birthday was awesome :D i dont mean like my previous birthday was bad, but i just looovveeee this year's birthday :D

yesterday me, my boy friend and my frienddddddss(shanen,elvi,sapu,jeje,had) went to sushi tei for lunch :D get some birthday presents and i'm thanked for that.
i got an animal printed stickers and handmade ribbon from my new friends too :) i'm so happy cause i just knew them for about a weeks. :D

so my bf planned to go to shoot to meet his friends who is coming back to town. I'm lazy to go to shoot cause i can't play billiard. hehe. so shanen and elvi asked me to go with them to karaokee, at inul vizta :D but then there was so full and we cancelled to go there. So we headed back to sun and met a person so unexpected...... :/ there's two. not only one. haha

stopped at la betty, have a chit chat and takes funny photos. hahaha. shanen and elvi decided to go home at 5, i'm lazy to go home first sooo i decided to go to shoot. but then i found something wrong... i mean like i dont feel comfy that time :/ i think there's something reminds me about the past. oh come on (-_-;;) luckily my bf understands me and listen to my storiessss :)
and suddenly i just realized that my thingsss were still at elvi's car. so i phoned her and asked where she is. luckily she still at petronas so i went there and get my thing back. hehehee

anyway last wenesday i heard a lot of bad news about her......even other classes knows too.
everybody asked me a lot of questionss about her and i don't know how to answer. because until now i realized i still don't understand her at all.

hmm.. I miss sheila and davina a lot :'(
Wish u luck on your exams :D

Thank's for reading :D have a great sunday!

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{}Monday, August 3, 2009 {} 11:08 PM has been a month since my last post,or maybe more.haha.not because i'm lazy to post,but since i got nothing to say,so i decided to stop blogging for a moment :) i will not blog everyday.cuz my day was just so-so.

anyway how you guys have been doing?next week will be exams week and i haven't studied yet.hehehe.but i love my new class so much :)))))) all of them are nice.not like i USED to know.hha
and.... have you watched my wife is a gangster3?i know this film is so out of date but it is nice though! :)) goodnight people.going to sleep now.hha

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